Ms. LaSavage
September 12-16, 2016

Intro to Marketing
Monday: Rubric given for Entrepreneur Research Project/work time
Tuesday: Work time for project
Wednesday: Teacher review of project and final revisions
Thursday: Entrepreneur project due/presentation in class
Friday: Reflection: 1 page paper reviewing/reflecting about what you learned from this project

7th Grade Business/Keyboarding
Monday - Thursday: typing skills mastery in
Thursday: IN CLASS: typing timed tests
Friday: Google Drive in the Classroom:
- Begin About me Essay

Intro to Business
Monday - Review Worksheet for Chapter 1
Tuesday - Test on Chapter 1
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday - Shark Tank Episode and Study Guide

Document Processing
Monday - Finish Professional Resumes
Tuesday - Review Resumes/corrections in Class
Wednesday - complete corrections and resubmit for grading
Thursday - how to write a formal letter
Friday - Draft a formal letter and submit for peer review via Google Drive

Monday - Work on Bulletin Board Announcing PRIDE theme
Tuesday - Photo Assignments/Senior Pages layout begin
Wednesday - Pictures of School activity due (complete bulletin board)
- Yearbook rep here to instruct on design/layout/software use
Thursday - Editor/Co-Editor: Assign First pages
- Photo Editor: Create flyer for photo app
Friday - Pictures due to Miss LaSavage (from this week's activities)
- begin working on page layouts

Web 2.0
Monday - Complete first web based project
Tuesday - web project due
Wednesday - what is a Blog?
- Each student will create a blog and maintain it throughout the semester. Class will share blogs and provide constructive comments to each other
Thursday - Review of class blogs together
- post comments on two of your fellow classmates' blogs
Friday - Make revisions to blog layout and complete another blog entry

Web Design
Monday - First web project work day
Tuesday - Web projects due
Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday -

Personal Finance/Your Money
Monday - Career Presentations work day

Tuesday - Career Presentations work day
Friday - Chapter 1 (textbook)
- read together in pairs/share with class a summary of what you read
- complete review questions (p.13-15/finish with #8 on page 15) INDIVIDUALLY/DUE MONDAY

Monday - Discussion Questions Due Tuesday(Chapter 1)
Tuesday - Create Chapter Review as Group of 3 in Quizlet
Wednesday - Finish Chapter Review - Use to review for Quiz
Thursday - Class Discussion on Chapter 1 Key Concepts
Friday - Quiz on Chapter 1