Ms. Frelke
week of Feb 15-19

vocabulary quiz #15 on Friday (correct vocab on Thurs)
read White Fang--complete/discuss reading guide worksheets
M -- p. 85-92
T -- p. 92-101
W -- p. 102-110
T -- p. 110-114
F-- p. 114-124

ACT information fill out on Wed and Thur

vocabulary quiz#15 on Friday (correct vocab on Thurs)
read My Antonia and Lord of the Flies / discuss questions, daily work on writings for novels
M -- MA p.88; LOF p.63
T -- MA p.99; LOF p.70
W -- MA p.110; LOF p.77
T --MA p.121; LOF p.84
F -- MA p.132; LOF p.91

read The Art of Racing in the Rain --finish on Tuesday
finish up reading guides for the book
discuss essay and research project -- both due Feb 25

6th grade
groups working on giving presentations and
finishing up the chapter 3 on Latin America
taking the online quizzes

7th grade
chapter 17.2 -- Black Death
Monday: work on "GREASE" worksheet (due W)
Tuesday: discuss pandemic disease and introduce research project
Wednesday: review for test
Thursday: online quiz and study guide
Friday: test day