Civics: Week of 5-8-17
Monday: Lecture: Municipal Govt
Tuesday: Activity- Property Tax Bill
Wednesday: Readng Guide City and Village Govt Due
Thursday: Quiz: Municipal Govt
Friday: Current Events Day

Criminal Justice: Week of 5-8-17
Monday: Heroes and Villains Presentations
Tuesday: Heroes and Villains Presentations
Wednesday: A Case for Insanity- Activity
Thursday: A Case for Insanity- (Continued)
Friday: RVA Unit 5 Discussion Questions

Social Problems: Week of 5-8-17
Monday: Is Walmart Good for America
Tuesday: Is Walmart Good for America (Part 2)
Wednesday: Personal Finance Discussion/Activity-Establishing Credit
Thursday: Personal Finance Discuss/Activity- Secured vs Unsecured Credit
Friday: News Quiz

U.S. History 8th Grade: Week of 5-8-17
Monday: Guidance Day-Ms Simurdiak
Tuesday: 1900-1950s Projects
Wednesday: World War II Map WS
Thursday: U.S. involvement in WW II (Pearl Harbor)
Friday: Current Events Day

U.S. History High School: Week of 5-8-17-17
Monday: World War II Civilians at War
Tuesday: World War II Homefront
Wednesday: Wartime Diplomacy Guide due (Google Classroom)
Thursday: Korematsu vs. U.S. (Japanese Internment)
Friday: Current Events Day